To an extent, leadership is like beauty"
"it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it
Warren Bennis                                                     

Art & Leadership is a novel approach, developed by Iris Lavy, for meeting current business challenges characterized by rapid changes and uncertainty
Addressing these challenges call for leadership development at all levels of organizations. Leadership can be inspired through an intellectual and creative dialogue with the art. Artists and leaders are guided by their inner vision, commitment and passion that motivate people to act and feel

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Iris Lavy, author of the book Leadership Framed by Art(2017), is a Management Consultant and an Art Historian. In this book she combines the two disciplines, Art and Leadership, to inspire organizations and managements in developing leadership skills. She has served as a Public Speaker and a Management Consultant for over 20 years and is a frequent participant at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerlan

Illustrative lecture topics of Art & Leadersh 

Self Portrait:  Visualize the Inner Voice
In the art, self portraits serve as a personal statement of the artist. It is a visual biography and a soul searching vehicle. Developing a self portrait can help leaders raise their self awareness, identify their strengths and weakness and develop their unique statement of mission. A successful Leader must lead himself before he can lead others

Evolving from Artisan-Manager to Artist-Leader
Managers deal with process, leaders deal with people. Artisans work with material; artists create with vision and inspiration. Evolving as a leader requires adapting the mind set of an artist who is projecting vision, passion and inspiration

Transforming Vision into Action
Great Artists posses the ability to dream, create vision, and live by it. Great Leaders transform personal vision into action by serving as a role model  – walk the talk –  and by creating a culture of shared values and goals

Leading Change: Lessons from Pablo Picasso

An organization is a reflection of its leader. Pablo Picasso, an artist and a cultural leader, reinvented himself again and again throughout his long and prolific career. Leading change through artistic exploration helps Leaders
expand personal and organizational boundaries to discover new frontiers

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