Lectures / Workshops

What do Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Pablo Picaso, one of the greatest of the twentieth century’s artists share?

Art & Leadership lectures and workshops are designed to challenge participants-through an intellectual and creative dialogue, to use the world of art and later apply in the relevant business context.

Art & Leadership is suited for conferences and Management development programs and can be held as lectures and workshops.

Lectures / Workshops

Self Portrait
as a Leader

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An organization is a reflection of its leader. Study and design your self portrait as a leader :

  • Sketch an authentic portrait: imagine your ideal self
  • Draw a clear and coherent vision
  • Map your strengths and identify opportunities for growth
  • Develop a unique leadership style: Style is the content
  • Inspire: The organization is a reflection of your leadership

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The Great Disruptors:
Leaders as Change Makers

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Artists reinvent themselves again and again. Lead Change like an artist, break personal and organizational frontiers:

  • Learn from the past to than forgo the past
  • Look at the background to see the entire picture
  • Re-shape materials to augment process and content
  • Improvise to lead ‘formal improvisation’
  • Catch the whispers of the times: Zeitgeist

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The Empty Canvas:
Entering a New Leadership Position

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Make a mark as a new leader and follow the mind set of an artist who is looking at an empty white canvas:

  • Imagine your unique statement of mission
  • Plan your canvas before you draw the lines
  • Master the effectiveness of focus
  • Inspire and empower: Mentoring vs. Coaching
  • Create a culture of excellence

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The Fountain
of Innovation

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Artists are among the greatest disruptors of culture and human thought. Innovate like an artist:

  • Apply the ‘no-rules’ rule to innovate
  • Think simply how to simplify
  • Add new colors to the old box
  • Take it apart and put it back together
  • Re-cover with unexpected packaging

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Soft Power:
Women and Leadership

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“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Asks a poster at Facebook headquarter. Assert your leadership like women in the arts:

  • What stands in your way: The ‘glass screen’ or the ‘glass ceiling’ ?
  • Disconnect from the female stereotype
  • Position your ‘Self’ at the center
  • Speak out powerful and gusty
  • Act with determination and assertiveness

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Innovation Inspired by Art

Excerpt from a lecture at Dassualt Systems Inc., Paris 2017.

The colors of Change

Excerpt from lecture for Indian Delegation to Israel, Jerusalem 2016.

Iris Lavy

The Relationship between Art, Leadership and Innovation

Article in US News & World Report, July 2015.